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                   Comparatives and Superlatives

We normally use comparative adjectives to compare 2 objects.

We use superlative adjectives to say that 1 thing/person is superior (in a specific way) to others.

most one syllable adjectives, e.g. strong, fast, tall

Comparatives: -er    (Mont Blanc is taller than Jungfrau)

fast - faster; strong - stronger; tall - taller; quick - quicker; slow - slower etc.

Superlatives: the -est    (The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai)

fast - the fastest; strong - the strongest; tall - the tallest; quick - the quickest; slow - the slowest etc.

adjective ending in -e, e.g. large, nice

Comparatives: -r   (The US is larger than the UK)

large - larger; nice - nicer etc.

Superlatives: the  -st   (Alaska is the largest state in the USA)

large - the largest; nice - the nicest etc

adjectives ending in consonant + vowel, e.g. big, fat, slim

Comparatives: double the last consonat + -er

big - bigger; fat - fatter; slim - slimmer etc.

Superlatives: the + double the last consonant + -est

big - the biggest; fat - the fattest; slim - the slimmest etc.

adjectives ending in -y, e.g. heavy, pretty

Comparatives: y = -ier

heavy - heavier; pretty - prettier; ugly - uglier; funny - funnier

Superlatives: the + y = -iest

heavy - the heaviest; pretty - the prettiest; ugly - the ugliest; funny - the funniest

adjectives with more than two syllables, e.g. expensive, powerful, comfortable

Comparatives:  more + adjective

expensive - more expensive; powerful - more powerful; comfortable - more comfortable

Superlatives:  the most + adjective

expensive - the most expensive; powerful - the most powerful; comfortable - the most comfortable

Irregular adjectives

good – better – the best

bad – worse – the worst

far – farther/further – the farthest/the furthest

Some examples:

Cheetah is the fastest land animal. It can achieve a speed of up to 125 km/h.

Peregrine falcon is even faster. This bird of prey can reach 320 km/h when going for its prey and that makes it the fastest animal on Earth.

The Statue of Liberty in New York is 93 metres tall. The Clock Tower in London, UK (aka Big Ben) is 96 metres tall. The Clock Tower is taller than The Statue of Liberty (or the Statue is shorter than the Clock tower).

The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE with its 829.84 metres.

The strongest animal is the Hercules beetle. It can lift 850xtimes its own body weight. It's even stronger than an ant which is a pretty good lifter.

A Ferrari is more expensive than a Jaguar but Jaguar cars are more comfortable than Ferraris. Some people think that Ferrari make the best sport cars in the world.

The US is larger than the UK and its population is also bigger. US: 312mil people, UK: 63mil.

The biggest in terms of population is China with approx. 1.3 billion people.

The Blue whale is the heaviest animal in the world. One specimen weighed staggering 130 tonnes! The African bush elephant once found weighed 11 tonnes which makes it the heaviest land mammal. But the whale was heavier than the elephant.


A quick test

  • A mouse is ...... than a turtle.

    the faster
    the fastest

  • A python is ........ than a viper.

    the big

  • A wallaby is .......... than a kangaroo.

    the smallest
    the smaller
    the small

  • A pigeon is ............ than an eagle

    the slow

  • A pittbull is ........... than a husky.

    the ugly
    the uglier

  • Cameron Diaz is .............. than Julia Roberts (some say).

    the pretty
    the prettiest

  • A Skoda is ......... than a BMW.

    the cheaper

  • Beer is ................ than mineral water in England.

    the expensive
    more expensive
    the more expensive

  • Apple is .......... than Lenovo.

    the better

  • LED TV is ............ than Plasma TV. (maybe)

    the worst

  • Aston Martin make ............ cars in the world.

    the prettier
    the prettiest

  • German cars are ..............

    the good
    the best

  • French cars are ..............

    the worse
    the worst

  • Rolls Royce make ............................... cars.

    more comfortable
    the more comfortable
    most comfortable
    the most comfortable