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Find the mistake (hard)

There is a mistake in each sentence:

1)Do you drive often?

2)I usually get up in 6am.

3)I can speaking English.

4)She can't to swim.

5)Can he drives?

6)I may to go the party with you.

7)May I go to home early today?

8)I couldn't to do it, it was too difficult.

9)Could you to go to the post office, please?

10)They are live in Turkey. (long term)

11)We going swimming this evening.

12)Do you working today?

13)Were she at work yesterday?

14)You was sick last weekend.

15)I wasn't go there with them.

16)Did you call to her?

17)We didn't went shopping on Friday.

18)Did he told you about his problems at school?

19)Do you like fruits?

20)Does she drink teas?

21)He doesn't eat banana.

22)We don't like cat.

23)They not busy at the moment.

24)He calling me every weekend.

25)Where are they go on holidays this summer?

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