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                                                     Past simple practice

On a train from London to Birmingham there were two people, a man and a woman. After a few minutes the man said: 'Excuse me madam, would you kiss me for 50p ?'

'Certainly not!', replied the woman.

A few minutes later the man asked: 'Would you kiss me for a thousand pounds?'

The woman thought for a while and then said: 'Yes, I think I would.'

A few minutes later the man asked again: 'Would you kiss me for a pound?'

'No, I wouldn't!', replied the woman. 'What sort of woman do you think I am?'

'We know that already', said the man, 'we're only trying to fix the price.'

A gorilla went into a pub and said to the barman: 'I'd like a pint of beer, please.'

The barman said:' It's 10 pounds, please.'

The gorilla paid for the drink and started drinking the beer.

Barman said:' We don't get many gorillas in here, you know?'

'I'm not surprised', said the gorilla,' at £10 a pint!'

A doctor went into a restaurant and saw that the waitress was scratching her hand.

'Do you have eczema?', asked the doctor.

'It it's not on the menu, we haven't got it', replied the waitress.

A policeman saw a man walking along the road with a penguin.

'Where did you get that penguin?', asked the policeman.

'I found him', replied the man.

'Take him to the zoo immediately!', said the policeman.

The next day the policeman saw the same man with the penguin again.

'I told you to take the penguin to the zoo yesterday,' said the policeman.

'I did', answered the man. 'He liked it a lot and I'm taking him to the cinema today.'

Verbs in past simple form:                      Verbs in infinitive:

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