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           Present simple – Negative statements Results

Make sentences:

Example: I/not/ single: I am not single

1) I/not/a teacher:  I'm not a teacher.

2) I/not/from Milan:  I'm not from Milan.

3) I/not like/spiders:  I don't like spiders.

4) I/not like/running:  I don't like running.

5) I/not live/ in a house:  I don't live in a house.

6) You/not/a doctor:   You are not (aren't) a doctor.

7) You/not/drink/beer:   You don't drink beer.

8) You/not like/doing housework:  You don't like doing housework.

9) You/not go/shopping/on Mondays:   You don't go shopping on Mondays.

10) He/not/married:   He isn't (is not) married.

11) He/not/very tall:  He isn't very tall.

12) He/not like/ swimming:  He doesn't (does not) like swimming.

13) He/not like/opera:  He doesn't like opera.

14) She/not/from Brazil:  She isn't from Brazil.

15) She/not/very nice:  She isn't very nice.

16) She/not work/in a shop:  She doesn't work in a shop.

17) She/not like/shopping:  She doesn't like shopping.

18) She/not go/to work/by bus:  She doesn't go to work by bus.

19) It/not/ today/a very nice weather:  It isn't a very nice weather today.

20) It/not/black car:  It isn't a black car.

21) It/not Monday/today:  It isn't Monday today.

22) We/not/Italian:  We aren't Italian.

23) We/not live/in Rome:  We don't live in Rome.

24) We/not like/playing tennis:  We don't like playing tennis.

25) We/not/drive/to work:  We don't drive to work.

26) They/not/French:  They aren't French.

27) They/not speak/French:  They don't speak French.

28) They/not live/ in France:  They don't live in France.

29) They/not/married:  They aren't married.

30) They/not/my friends:  They aren't my friends.