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      Present simple practice – positive statements Results

Make sentences:

Example: I / boy – I am a boy

1) I / teacher:  I am (I'm) a teacher.

2) I/from Birmingham/come:  I come from Birmingham.

3) I/in Prague/live:  I live in Prague.

4) I/single:   I'm (I am) single.

5) You/a student:   You are (You're) a student.

6) live/You/in Europe:  You live in Europe.

7) You/married:  You're (You are) married.

8) Czech/He:  He is (He's) Czech.

9) from Italy/He/come:  He comes from Italy.

10) work/She/in a bank:  She works in a bank.

11) speak/She/Spanish:  She speaks Spanish.

12) a blue car/It:  It is a blue car.

13) a big dog/It:  It is a big dog.

14) London/from/We:  We are from London.

15) in an office/We/work:  We work in an office.

16) like/We/going/to the cinema:  We like going to the cinema.

17) go swimming/We/every Saturday:  We go swimming every Saturday.

18) in a large flat/They/live:  They live in a large flat.

19) every Friday/eat/in a restaurant/They:  They eat in a restaurant every Friday.

20) both play/They/the piano:  They both play the piano.