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                                                     Transport – vocabulary

Choose the right word:

1) Many people in big cities go by/with bus to work and some people ride/drive to work in their cars.

2) In Britain, it's normal to form a queue/line at a bus stop.

3) Not many people drive/ride bicycles to work in big cities because it's dangerous and they have nowhere to store their bicycles safely.

4) Many cars on the road and not moving; it's called a tra...... j.. .

5) I, for example, never drive to work. I always catch / go with a bus.

6) When travelling by train in the UK, you can buy a double/return ticket which is always cheaper than buying a single ticket.

7) You should buy the ticket before you get on/in a train.

8) When the ticket office is closed, you can purchase your ticket from a conductor/inspector.

9) Do not forget to take all your things when getting off/out the train.

10) When you fly in/to Stansted airport, you can take/get a train to London Liverpool st.

11) The journey gets/takes about 50min.

12) And you usually wait to/for a train for about 30min at/in the airport.

13) You can also go by/with bus which is cheaper but it takes longer. That's probably because of traffic jams/blocks in the centre of London.

14) The bus goes at/from the airport to/in Victoria Coach station in the city centre on Buckingham Palace road.

15) From there, you can go on/by foot to the Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives. It's about 25min by/on walk.

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