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You are here: Level A1 > Word Order (Syntax)


                                             Word order in present tenses

Subject + verb + object

I have got a car.

She lives with her mother.

You have got a bad experience with him.

Subject + verb + adjective + object

We have got a blue car.

They have got a very large house.

She has got a long blond hair.

Subject + verb + object + adverb

He works hard.

They go to Spain regularly.

We drive home quickly.

Subject + adverb of frequency + verb + object

I sometimes go out with my friends

He doesn't often visit his parents.

BUT: once, twice, every are at the end of a sentence

I go swimming every Tuesday.

I call my mother twice a week.

Adverbial of place

We never go swimming to the lake.

There is a new colleague in our department.

I'm driving to Manchester.

Adverbial of time

I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning every day.

Her train departs at 8pm on Monday evening.

On Monday morning, I leave the house at 7.15 o'clock.

I'm doing my French Exam next week.

Question word + auxiliary + noun + verb + adverbial

What time do you get up on Friday?

When does he finish school?

How old is your older brother?

Where are you planning to go tonight?