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                                Find the mistake

There is a mistake in each sentence:

1)That's the man which I saw outside earlier.

2)Can you pick up me at 7am, please?

3)Her office is in the 5th floor.

4)It's in the top shelf.

5)They are on holidays on the seaside.

6)We are going to meet on the train station in the morning.

7)They are going to the France next weekend.

8)I haven't got plenty money to go on holiday abroad.

9)He's in abroad on business.

10)It looks as it is going to rain soon.

11)I must to learn French.

12)You should to go there very soon.

13)She shouldn't spent all her pocket money on stupid things.

14)Do you have got to do it this week?

15)You don't must eat on a bus.

16)Did you have to get up early tomorrow?

17)Do you had to do it today?

18)He have to go to the hospital today.

19)Do she has to go shopping this weekend?

20)I've met her 3 years ago.

21)He never was there before.

22)She have known him for years.

23)Have you visited your parents last week?

24)He says he seen this film before.

25)I've gone to the cinema 2 days ago.

26)I saw her when I went to work this morning.

27)She drove her car when I called her earlier.

28)It wasn't so a good idea.

29)This shop is ran by my in-laws.

30)This house is built in 1949.

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