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If or when ?

'If' for conditional sentences

'When' for talking about action which happens after another action

Complete the sentences with 'if' or 'when' :

1) ….... we finish early today, we could go for a quick pint in a pub.

2) Call me ….... you get home, OK?

3) I think I might take a relaxing bath …... I get home tonight. I really feel like it.

4) He'll be allowed to work as a stock broker ….... he finishes his course in May.

5) We'll look for a bigger flat …... I can get a mortgage with my meagre income.

6) I'm going to ask him for an opinion ….... I get a chance to speak to him today, but he might be too busy to see me.

7) You would have more money for yourself …..... you quit smoking.

8) ….... I get up on Saturday, I always switch on my computer and put the kettle on.

9) My mother cooks dinner every day …... she comes home from work.

10) …. I were her, I wouldn't bother with that.

11) My brother likes having a cup of freshly-brewed coffee …... he arrives to his office.

12) He and his wife-to-be met …. they both were at university.

13) I'll have some more cake …... I may. It's rather tasty.

14) … the British government introduced a smoking ban in public places, some pubs in the country had to shut down because of no customers.

15) ….. the ban is introduced in all of Europe, some pubs will loose custom and they'll go bankrupt.

16) … the Euro zone collapses, it will seriously affect the economies which do business with the Euro zone countries.

17) …. the weather is pleasant at the weekend, we might go to the zoo.

18) The opposition wants to raise an income tax …..... they get to power.

19) ….. the opposition wins the next General Election and keep the promise of raising taxes, many businesses will move into tax havens.

20) ….... the new supermarket opens next year, the local shops will suffer badly.

21) …. we safe enough money, we'll go on holiday abroad.

22) ….. nothing is done about the loophole in the law, someone will take an advantage of it sooner or later.

23) People in our community won't be very happy …... they see the plans the local council has for the area.

24) ….... we left the office last night, someone left a window open and 3 laptops were stolen over night.

25) ….. you want to start your own business, you need to invest some money first.

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