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You are here: Level B1 > Conditionals for future


If, when, until, unless for future


If - 1st conditional

We use 1st conditional to say that something is possible after something else happens.


If + present simple, will......


If I learn English well, I will go to study in England.

If you study hard, you will get good grades.

If you get good grades at school, your parents will buy you a new computer.

If he leaves work at 6pm, he won't come home before 7pm.

If she starts saving money now, she'll have enough for a decent car next year.

If they don't stop shouting, I'll call the police!

When – one thing after another (time)


When + present simple, will.....


When I get home, I'll have my dinner.

She will call me when she arrives.

We will go to the pub when we finish work on Friday.

As soon as – immediately after


As soon as + present simple, will...... (except imperative = present simple)


I will take my dog for a walk as soon as I get home.

They'll go home as soon as the film finishes.

Don't forget to text me as soon as you get home.

You must do this as soon as possible.

Unless – if...not


Unless + present simple, will....


I wont' go there unless they say sorry to me first.

Unless you call me that you're safe, I'll be very worried.

They won't come unless you send them an invitation.

Until – not before


Until + present simple, will....

We'll wait with dinner until you come back.

I won't leave the house until you tell me to go.

She won't do the job until you show her how.