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                             Find the mistake B1

Correct the mistakes:

1)Do you used to like vanilla ice cream when you were a child?

2)I don't used to play computer games as a boy.

3)He said he has been there before when we got there.

4)I'm trying to have a breakfast every weekday.

5)She had bath before going to bed last night.

6)I left my keys at home when I went outside this morning.

7)Has she ever called you before yesterday?

8)If you told him, he would have done it.

9)Have you called him before you arrived ?

10)She promised she will do it as soon as possible.

11)He said he met her before that party.

12)They asked us where we are from.

13)He whispered that he loves me.

14)They said they may come and see us next Sunday.

15)She will sit on a bus to work this time tomorrow.

16)Will you watch the news on TV at 9pm tomorrow?

17)We'll open the champagne when you'll arrive.

18)He doesn't know about it unless you tell him soon.

19)We don't leave the house until you tell us.

20)We should wait for her coming.

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