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  Future continuous tense


shall / will be + verb + ing

He will be sleeping all day tomorrow.

I'll be working very hard next week.

They'll be getting married this time next Saturday.

We use it when we want to say that something will be in progress at a particular moment in the future.

Things are fixed or expected to be happening.

He'll be sitting on the plane to New York on Monday morning.

We'll be lying on the beach this time next week.

At 2pm next Monday, I'll be having lunch with our business partners.

Don't call me tonight, I'll be having a date.

When I'm lying on the beach, I'll be thinking about you working hard.

It's also possible to use 'going to be + verb + ing:

I'm going to be sitting on the beach and thinking about you next week.

She is going to be teaching her first lesson ever this time tomorrow.