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You are here: Level B1 > Present perfect practice


Present perfect simple or present perfect continuous?

Make sentences:

1) I/ live/ in Paris for 2 years now.

2) My wife/ teach/ there.

3) He/ cook/ all morning.

4) You/ drive/ long?

5) You/ read/ this book at all?

6) I/ have not/ do/ it yet

7) He/ already/ finish/ his homework for today.

8) We/ plant/ trees this weekend.

9) We/ look/ at properties for past 6 months.

10) We/ decide not yet/ which one to buy.

11)We/ see/ 6 houses so far.

12) I/ look/ for you all day.

13) Where/ you/ be?

14) She/ live/ with her friends this term.

15) I/ send/ dozens of CVs and still no reply.

16) You/ not be/ very successful then.

17) I/ try/ really hard though.

18) It/ be/ tough times recently.

19) The global economy/go/ up and down like mad.

20) The unemployment rate/ steadily grow/ for past 2 years.

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