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You are here: Level B1 > So, Neither


We use 'So' to agree with a positive statement.


I like dogs.                                So do I.

I live in England.                       So do I.

I am single.                              So am I.

I am good at maths.                 So am I.

I can speak English.                  So can I.

I have got a car.                       So have I.

I was born in a hospital.            So was I.

I've bee to France.                   So have I.

She was married.                     So was I.

We were at home last night.     So were we. (me + my wife)

I've been to York once.              So have I.

Tom is a good runner.               So is Eva.

To disagree, use negative.


I like cats.                      I don't.

I am English.                  I am not.

I was out last night.        I was not.


We use 'Neither' to agree with a negative statement.


I don't like Christmas pudding.                 Neither do I

I'm not Spanish.                                      Neither am I.

I can't speak Russian.                              Neither can I.

I didn't enjoy that film.                            Neither did I.

I wasn't in the pub last Friday.                 Neither was I.

I've never been to Australia.                    Neither have I.

He doesn't like hockey.                            Neither do I.

We don't drink real ale.                            Neither do we.

Pete isn't fat.                                           Neither is Mary.

To disagree with a negative statement, use positive.


I don't like ice cream.              I do.

I haven't got a bicycle.             I have.

I wasn't out at the weekend.     I was.

I have never been to Prague.      I have.