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                             Find the mistake B2

Correct the mistakes in each sentence.

1)I've spent last summer in England.

2)Did you ever be to Scotland?

3)A PM (Prime Minister) is going to make a public speech about the situation in the House of Commons.

4)They have been sentenced to 4 years in a prison.

5)They were found guilty with embezzlement.

6)I've been staying with my friends for 3 weeks when I found my own place.

7)He has already stolen £200,000 when he was arrested.

8)She hadn't finished cooking already when we arrived for dinner the other day.

9)You haven't seen my hat, did you?

10)We'll pay off our mortgage by the time we retire.

11)By tomorrow morning, he'll has known about the glitch in the system.

12)She's decided to take on judo.

13)After the accident, my car was a complete write-out.

14)Do you believe in love in first sight?

15)You should focus more to your studies if you want to finish university.

16)I remember vividly my fist day in my new job.

17)I was that nervous that I forgot my packed lunch at home in the morning.

18)She found that job on internet.

19)They see the project as a comprehensive approach to solve the global energy problems.

20)Keep calm and carry on learn English.

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